BIG HERO 6! (Part 1)

No spoilers! No worries!

(that was for you Disney people)

This past Sunday NYICFF had an advance screening of Big Hero 6 at City Cinemas 123. The story takes place in San Fransokyo. Visually it looks exactly like what you would imagine. I appreciated the typical diversity of the cast but I really enjoyed the variety in the extras/ background characters.

There is a pretty obvious and recurring theme in the movie. It provides the main character, Hiro, with lesson after lesson thus contributing to his character arc and development in a way that is sure to leave a soft spot in your heart for him.

I think that if you are invested in films, animations or storytelling like I am and people like me are, you end up being very accustomed to the way stories are set up and told. So much so that many things become apparent to you early in the movie. I say this because although I want to talk about the villain in depth I will not (no spoilers remember?)

I saw Big Hero 6 in 3D and although I typically enjoy 3D movies this time I felt a little disoriented, (in all fairness I have not seen a 3D movie in theaters in a really long time). There is a lot of fast paced action scenes that definitely lends itself to 3D. Regardless of how I felt afterwards all the fast paced action scenes were not only expected but necessary.

BAYMAX!!! I love him! He is one of my new favorite characters! The simplicity of his being (not only in the appearance of his design) makes him extremely lovable. He provides a good amount of comedic relief, similar to Wall-E. I think he is strikingly comparable to Wall-E the more I think about it.  The film overall is quite funny incorporating jokes for the kids and the older movie goers alike.

As I said in the beginning the movie takes place in San Fransokyo. The colors are vibrant and electric yet it does not over saturate the film. Each setting had its own unique energy to the point that one can go so far as to say they could be a character in their own right. I might make a part 2 after the movie comes out so I can divulge a little more into details.

I really like the variety of animation style Disney is getting back to. You could feel all of the 2D influences and im so proud of the animators for their remarkable work on this film. Also, if you are a VFX junkie there are more than enough things for you to look forward to.

Lastly I'll say that obviously there are a lot of marketing opportunities and you better believe that I am getting my own Baymax plushie ASAP! (Probably by the time I post the part 2 for this post.) Speaking of part 2s I wont be surprised if they have already began story development on the sequel as you are reading this.

Below is the 2nd US Trailer. I hope you all see it when it comes out on November 7th in the U.S