BIG HERO 6! (Part 2)

Now that BH6 is out for two weeks it is time to revisit my previous review and touch on a few more things that I didn't go into detail about in my previous post. As I said, BH6 takes place in SanFransokyo. You can tell that the environmental artists did an extensive amount of research. Although I have never been to San Francisco or Tokyo, I'm going to say that the day time felt more like San Francisco and the night felt like tokyo.

The main theme throughout the movie is grief/loss and how to cope with it. Hiro & Tadashi lost their parents. Professor Callaghan lost his daughter. Hiro loses Tadashi and then he loses Baymax. Hiro struggles but overallwith much support he is able toheal and begin moving forward with his life.

The true or revealed villain Professor Callaghan ( aka Yokai) reminded me a lot of Charles Munoz ( the villain from Up). They they both were admired as men of a certain status, and inspirational men. They were to be respected and idolized but in the end they were the real bad guys and let us down.

Baymax reminded me of Wall-E. They are both such genuinely well intentioned characters. They get into situations and may not at first understand boundaries but they mean well. They are cute and lovable as they captivate us to the point that when they are under attack we want to protect them.

The rest of BH6 members have very familiar characteristics. Honey Lemon is nerdy, skinny, cheerful and reminds me a lot of Zoe from The Proud Family. Fred is a rich kid who isn't even enrolled in San FransokyoInstitute if Technology. He is the mascot and hangs out with the others because he enjoys science. He gives off the typical laid back "surfer dude" vibe. Wasabi is the gentle giant of the group. He is compulsive and I'm sure he suffers from anxiety as well. He is very sensible and the voice of reason more often than not. Lastly, we have Gogo Tomago. We have definitely seen girls like her before. She is strong, athletic, sarcastic and I enjoyed her as a character. To conclude, I will say that by the way the film ended I will not be surprised if the team reunites to combat some more evil in the future.