Back To Business

“I’d say this is your moment on Earth to be an artist. You were born at this time. You could have been born at the Renaissance and we’d have been talking about sculpture. Today we’re talking about animation. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t every bit the artist that one of those men back in the Renaissance would have been.

This is your moment. So you take the moment, and find something real personal, and put yourself into it. Don’t put yourself into past Disney movies. Don’t copy anything. Make it personal and real. And I say that with conviction to them because it’s exactly how I’ve approached everything that I’ve done, and it’s the only reason I could work at Disney for 36 years." - Glen Keane

I felt that it was imperative to start the new year of blogging with this quote. I took some time to reflect and as Keane says this is my moment. There a lot of things I plan on accomplishing this year. I have my character Ruby that I want to finalize redesigning so that I can model, rig her and begin creating her shorts. I'd like to have a post get 100 views, as well as having a post retweeted at least 5x. I can't share everything because that will take the fun out of surprising you all!

Since returning to blogging in September and seriously committing to it not only have I been enjoying myself, I have reentered conversations within the community. I have discovered new people. It has pushed me to create new artwork which I am really proud of. I really enjoy what I am doing here and I only want to get better in every way possible.

I'm so grateful for this and ready to get back to business!!