SVA & Steven Universe

Part of the reason I had to take a break from posting regularly is that I have been working full time at my alma mater SVA. So when I received the daily faculty email last week which mentioned a beloved cartoon (Seven Universe) and an alum in the same sentence I HAD to share this with you all as well.  

It is a very short and sweet video. One thing I noticed was the amount of time from when these creators graduated SVA to when Steven Universe first aired (late 2013) to when it basically blew up which is 4-5 years post SVA. This was comforting because although they more than likely had more directly industry related jobs than I have, I am still on track (and asserting myself diligently) to a position in an animation studio.

It is nothing short of inspiring to see SVA alumni at the root of such a wonderful creation.

I want to leave off with a bit that Danny Hines said, "draw all the time and love drawing and try to keep that part pure." As I continue on my career and ultimately life journey I try to create not only digitally but traditionally more often and as he said keep it pure!

It's great to be back!