Movie Review: Trolls

A few weeks I had the opportunity to see Trolls and what an experience it was. It wasn't until the movie started that I realized I've never seen a trailer. I've only seen the teaser and I guess I mentally wrote it off as a trailer. Now that I've seen the trailer after watching the movie, I wonder if I would have received the movie differently. 

Overall the character design was very cute and appealing. After looking at the old Troll toys and the Trolls in the movie I could no be upset at the new redesigns. My nostalgia must have mentally blocked out how creepy the previous generation of Trolls were. These new Trolls are bold and super colorful making them easy to market to young children and collectors alike. 

Unfortunately for those of us that enjoy a refreshing story, Trolls was very predictable once it got started and it wasn't that memorable. I can admit that I enjoyed it however, I can not pick specific moments that really had me going as a viewer. There were very debatable scenes with the servant and her self image that was handled in a very cliche way. Also I found that having the Bergens eat Trolls in order to be happy was slightly uncomfortable but mainly odd. 

Although Trolls was not a movie I was dying to see, I'm indifferent to it. It was not horrible or boring. They incorporated songs just to have them in there which often kept the story from progressing. I can imagine this movie to be a little tough for parents to sit through and maybe the Bergens a little scary for some young ones. Despite that getting Trolls on DVD or streaming it will not be a waste of your time.