Animation Highlight - Cuerdas

Cuerdas also goes by its English title "Strings"

What is Strings?

"Strings" is the new animated short film written and directed by Pedro Solis Garcia. Strings has been Goya® 2014 winner in the category of "Best Spanish short film animation." Pedro Solis Goya® this is his second award, as in 2011 was also awarded in the same category for his previous work, "The Bruxa".

The film, full of nuances, tells a tender story of friendship between two very special children but it is also a work that speaks of values nd illusions and is able to captivate the viewer from the first frame is displayed and you hear the first musical note to the final thanks.

The rating of the new short film by Pedro Solis is "for all audiences, with the addition of special interest to children", as the Ministry of Culture has recommended short for its educational vocation.

"It is a round work that grows in every pass you see."  - via

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