Animation Highlight - The Seed

Life and its moments form the basis of our project. The intention is to portray the experiences of Life - how it begins with hope, develops with time and ends with the unknown. For this project, life is personified and starts out with no specific form or color since it is but a seed. Our existence is a daily adventure filled with unexpectancies, hope, happiness, warmth, emptiness, loneliness, and anticipation. As one goes through the passage of life at different stages and times and encounters various problems, one learns to grow and develop through these experiences. However Life may turn out to be, it is in the sum of these experiences that Life draws on to truly flourish and blossom. Created as my Senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design (B.F.A Motion Media Design 2015). PROFESSOR John Colette Minho Shin ART DIRECTOR Yeojin Shin DESIGN & ANIMATION Yeojin Shin Audrey Yeo Hyungsoon Joo Jigyu Yoon LEAD COMPOSITOR Audrey Yeo ANIMATION & EDITING SUPERVISOR Hyungsoon Joo FOX 3D: Animating : David Lee Modeling : Jisoo Kim Rigging : Mo Zhu Sound Design: Han Hao Music : Allison Rietz Process at :