Born and raised in Queens, New York

Monique Henry-Hudson has always found inspiration for her stories in her community. As obsessed as she was with cartoons, a class trip to the Museum of Moving Image in Queens planted the seed that she could make her own cartoons and animations when she grows up.


After graduating from the School of Visual Arts Monique struggled to find the right animation employment opportunities and developed an interest in working in production management instead of working as an animator or artist in a studio. She learned that there was a  substantial disconnect between production management and artists within studios and wanted to be that liaison between the two.

This has led her to work at Blue Sky Studios for two and a half years as a production assistant in the Story department. There she had the opportunity to work closely with story artists, directors, producers, writers as well as various departments in the production pipeline for Ice Age: Collision Course, Ferdinand, Spies in Disguise and Nimona.

Since departing from Blue Sky Monique has gone on to create the traveling animation panel series DiverseToons in an effort to highlight the need for diversity within the animation industry. Through this endeavor, Monique provides peers in the community to share their journey and helps promote visibility of POC that have worked on a variety of films, shows and projects. 

At the moment, Monique is looking for an animation studio to call home as well as working on a few personal projects such as her animation website, her podcast “Simply Robotix, The Podcast” and her short film which is currently untitled.