Monique Henry-Hudson

I am a storyteller, illustrator, animator and writer. I’m driven by the need to share the stories I feel are missing from the Children’s media and entertainment industry.


I owe my animation obsession to my parents. When I was little my mother would record Saturday morning cartoons on VHS and play the tape throughout the week, every week for years. My father however, I consider to have been the real culprit. He introduced me to the Disney animated features that are now classics to us all.

It was not until eighth grade when I took a class trip to the Museum of Moving Image in Queens, New York that I decided to be an animator after exploring an exhibit about film and animation.

For a long time, I knew I wanted to work for a big animation company. While attending School of Visual Arts,  I took a “History of Animation” class. That class really encouraged me to begin the journey I am on now. My professor Howard Beckerman showed us how animation exists and has existed beyond Disney and similar American/ Western animation studios. I gained insight on how people in other cultures used it to share their truth, fantasies, values and traditions. I was further inspired to do the same.

With shows like Dora the Explorer, Ni Hao Kai Lan and Doc McStuffins I believe there is a home for the characters I am creating. We see characters of color depicted in ways that are no longer stereotypical. They are being received with open arms.

I have gained an interest in illustrations in children books as well. Besides animation I love discovering new music and engaging with other artists (musicians, writers, photographers, etc). My artistic journey humbles me. New adventures are on my horizon and I look forward to meeting them head on.

I'm currently seeking new employment opportunities.