Those Girls Are Wild & Women In Animation

Those Girls Are Wild & Women In Animation


 I know I haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been attending a few functions and didn' t start implementing my time management skills until today.

Yesterday I attended a networking mixer event organized by Those Girls Are Wild.

Those Girls Are Wild consist of  Andrea Lewis and Shannon Boodram. They are part of my favorite youtubers.

They inspire young women and girls like myself to be go getters and follow our dreams and passions.

They had an awesome group of panelists that answered questions and provided and explicit amount of information.

I was very happy that I attended and gained some clarity on my career ambitions. I really aspire to be as influential as them through my own work and creating a niche for myself in the animation industry etc.

After the panelists answered questions I got to speak with Canadian fashion photographer and actress Maya Washington. I was extremely humbled speaking with her. She gave me some great suggestions and was extremely relatable. Her words of encouragement did not fall on deaf ears and I appreciate her taking the time to speak to me.

I also attended the Women In Animation meeting this week. the Guest was Catherine Branscome. She shared information about her company Branscome International LLC. They pitch animations to tv networks and festivals around the world.

To say the least my week was so inspiring and motivational that I can honestly promise to do better starting right now.

By Sunday  I WILL have a finished animation to post and add to my real.

Here are links to Those Girls are wild, their panelists and Branscome International LLC etc;

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