Birthday Wishes!


Yes, today is my birthday. I decided to venture out into this horrible summer thunderstorm we're experiencing in NY and head to my internship.

I remember last year for my birthday my mom gave me a ticket to the Pixar Masterclass sponsored by VanArts.

It was one of the most informative, enriching and best birthdays I've ever experienced. On the second day Matthew Luhn gave out some goodies and I still to this day regret not speaking up and saying it was my birthday because who knows if I'll ever get the chance again to have something signed by him.

All goodies aside I walked away with an immense amount of knowledge that no one can take away from me.

This year, I'm thankful. I've experienced various trials and tribulations with adjusting to life after college.

I've met many good people, people that have helped me grow as an individual and I've had to let go of others.

I'm thankful that I was able to wake up, that I have my mental and physical health and that I'm able to pursue my dreams.

Cheers to another year of becoming and loving myself.


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