Some Animation Inspiration...

I don't exactly remember how I stumbled upon Chris Oatley's website (I'm pretty sure it had something to do with an Animation Magazine tweet) but I'm glad I did.

In his post When Jobs In Animation Disappear... he shares some words of encouragement for artists in the industry, students and recent grads like myself.

Everyday I'm learning and figuring out how to establish myself as an artist and an animator and I really appreciated his post.  One thing he wrote that stood out to me was:


You can’t let fluctuations in the industry and/or economy kill your creativity.
…and you don’t need a job in the animation industry to validate your calling.

That is a lesson I'm coming to understand. Since graduating in 2011 I felt that not having a job in the industry or an internship by this point makes me somewhat of a failure compared to my classmates, but that is not true. My journey is simply different than theirs. He quotes Maria Palazzi

“One of the great things about the animation industry is that it rewards hard work and persistence.”

I'm reminded that as long as I continue moving forward towards my dreams things will unfold accordingly. One small step forward is still better than standing still.

How should you respond to troubling news about the animation industry?

…the same way you respond to encouraging news about the animation industry.

Draw, paint, repeat.

Finish personal projects.

Pursue mastery.

Read and read and read.

Go to CTN-X.

Share your work online.

Overall I think any and everyone interested in perusing a career in animation should read this post and check out the rest of his website (there is soooo many great posts and resources)

Thanks for stopping by! Go forth in the direction of your dreams!


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