Book Recap - Directing A Story

Book Recap - Directing A Story

Today I will be sharing some of the most memorable quotes and tips from Francis Glebas' Directing The Story. Page 5

Show the audience why your characters are absolutely driven to do what the do. Characters drive stories, like characters who go after a goal and face obstacles, make decisions, and then take actions of life-changing consequences. If they don't, you better create new characters that do. we follow their actions emotionally through the ups and down of the plot. 

Points to remember from Page 73

  1. Draw BOLD! Make your images easy to see as a billboard

  2. Number your drawings

  3. Pitch clearly and passionately

  4. Storyboards are always a work in process. start out rough and don't be afraid to throw away drawings. Keep at it until you find the image that best tells the story

  5. Avoid relying on “talking head” shots. tell the story visually. invent visual devices

  6. Watch the Wallace and Gromit shorts: A Close shave and The Wrong Trousers as an example of great visual storytelling

  7. Watch old silent movies to see how the tell stories without words

Page 44

Intuition is trusting your own instincts to go into the unknown. you're risking failure but gaining the opportunity to discover something truly new. Learn these techniques so that your audience will remain, “lost” in the story.

Points to Remember from page 296

  1. Study your story in the script and storyboard stages, before you shoot.

  2. Chart out your stories as a mapmaker would. A director has to see the forest and the trees. study your story with every kind of analysis: the hero’s journey and the plot curve for the big picture, character emotions and plot functions for the mid-level, and narration and narrative questions for the micro level.

Like I said these are just a few bits from the book. If you havent checked it out yet please do so because this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Happy Reading!!

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