How Bob's Burgers Can Improve Your Life

How Bob's Burgers Can Improve Your Life

In short Bob's Burgers is a cartoon about a family that runs a burger restaurant in a town that seems similar enough to any New England boardwalk kind of area.

The show's opening lets us know that this restaurant is in no way "perfect" as many things happen to the building and more.

At first glance it seems like every other not initially for children cartoon with a dad, a mom, and three children. The children all pretty much help out in the restaurant. Tina is the super awkward, boy crazed pre-teen older sister. Gene is the musical one and most things go over his head. Louise is the pint sized mastermind that gets her whole family into almost every unfortunate situation ( but also does her best to get them out of it). Bob, the dad is a pretty humble man living out his childhood dream. Linda, the mom is super supportive of her family and is usually the one singing.

So now that you're up to speed lets get into how this show can improve your life.

The Characters

The first few episodes were a little difficult to get into, I can admit that. Once the season picked up I fell in love with the family instantly. I one day will cosplay as Tina! (Mark my words! Lol)  I think Tina and Louise may be my favorites and they are complete opposites. I love how passionate and well intentioned Tina is. I also enjoy how Louise's brain works. Both of these girls are insanely hilarious with their individual sense of humors.


I think that in every episode someone is singing. At some point a character breaks out randomly into song (and I don't mean like in Glee or High School musical, although there are those moments sometimes.) I can enjoy a good musical number and I really appreciate the off key singing and the unrhythmic singing.


Bob’s Burgers has a very admirable way of acknowledging that sometimes you're not "the best" or even that good at things but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do them if you enjoy it and they make you happy. Most of the times the characters with help do come the understanding that some things though you may enjoy you should let go of cause their really not for you. Though they provide many examples on how to deal with people you do not like, I wouldn't recommend following after their lead.  Maybe this is one of those things where you learn from others mistakes.

All in all... 

Ok so maybe saying that this show will "improve" your life was a bit of an overstatement. It has improved mine. I needed a new show to binge on because I am kind of over Family Guy right now. I can guarantee however, after a few episodes you will feel much better. 

Do you watch Bob's Burgers? Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts?

You can watch out Bob’s Burgers on Hulu.

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