Small Foot Movie Review

Small Foot Movie Review

Smallfoot is a 2018 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy adventure film produced by the Warner Animation Group. Based on the book Yeti Tracks by Sergio Pablos, The plot follows a group of Yeti who come across a human, with each species thinking the other was just a myth. via Wikipedia


Migo, a young male Yeti who is determined to prove the existence of the Smallfoot. He’s pretty much your standard, naive protagonist. I was not very invested in him.

Percy Patterson, a wildlife documentary filmmaker trying to get back in the spotlight. He’s a very cheesy character that ends up being a bit likable. His character arc is very predictable.

Meechee, a female Yeti, the Stonekeeper's daughter, Thorp's sister, the leader of S.E.S., and Migo's love interest. Her main role in this movie is to assist in moving the plot forward.

The Stonekeeper, Thorp and Meechee's father and the condescending Yeti chief. Also another typical character. He supports and pushes the false history to keep his tribe inline and “Safe”


Visual & Animation Style

I enjoyed the texture/ fur treatments in this film. Visually it was standard and nothing very impressive. Visually it was simple and effective in its own right

The animation style lent itself to the film’s slapstick humor. Again it wasn’t anything impressive but instead the standard we are used to.

Story Telling

Overall I feel that the songs got in the way of the pacing of the film. Almost every time a character started singing the story telling was placed on hold. The theme of this story is one we heard and seen time and time again especially in children’s films about the importance of communication and understanding each other so that we do not pass judgement to one another. Smallfoot’s execution fell short and it took no time to understand and anticipate the various ups and downs of the film. Two movies that handled this theme well are Zootopia and Boxtrolls. They offered more twists, the music always moved the story forward and they kept your interest throughout the film.

Final thoughts

There’s way more singing than I could have anticipated and it is unnecessary and forgettable for the most part. The only song that truly was informative and helped to advance the story was the Stonekeeper’s rap.

This is not a movie I’d suggest seeing in theaters. Wait for it to come out on a streaming platform.

Check out the trailer for Smallfoot below

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