4 Ways to Be Constantly Improving Your Online Presence As An Artist

4 Ways to Be Constantly Improving Your Online Presence As An Artist

Follow influencers, people you admire & people who make work you like.


I spend more time on social media than I'd like to admit. Due to this, I try to make sure my feed, the images and tweets that come across my timeline are in alignment with where I'm going professionally and as an artist.

I highly suggest that you try to be mindful as to not over saturate your social media feed to the point where what you consume becomes blatant and evident in the work that you create

I suggest you follow people that you admire and that do work that you aspire to do as a reminder to keep going. Also by following these people or  studios or companies you can see who they follow, what books they are reading, podcasts they are listening to, movies they have watched and more.

Engage with them.

Like their posts or tweets. Comment on their stuff every now and then. Whether they post on Facebook, on their site, Twitter or Instagram, pick your favorite platform and comment. I am subscribed to quite a few newsletter and when I really enjoy something I go to social media and tell them that I appreciated this tidbit, their newsletter. I’d quote something from their post or podcast or video.

All of this engagement as time consuming as it can be is ultimately helpful for you to start getting on their radar. Do not flood their notifications as that will probably get you blocked.

I’d also suggest checking out who they follow, you may find some gems but don’t be creepy and follow their family or coworkers etc

Join online challenges & group challenges.

This will help you to start building a community, a network. You’re going to encounter tough times, tougher times if life has already knocked you on your but a few times.

By joining these communities you create the space for you to get feedback on your work. You can bounce ideas off of people. They / the challenge can help you remain accountable for the moments when you’d rather not do anything.

Share your work and use hashtags.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that there can be a lot of self doubt when it comes to sharing your work online. It is like your mind goes into hyper drive criticizing everything in your piece. You have to let go and release to the world. Also as a person who has viral artwork, watermarking your stuff is EXTREMELY important. People will do all sorts of things to remove it but still watermark anyway, You never know who may come across your work and want to reach out to you and that watermark is usually their way back to you.

When sharing your work use hashtags. You can create one with your name, your business, your art name, website, blog but start building your work up with hashtags.

If people do decide to reshare or post your work this will be something they add to their post thus adding another layer of ease for people to discover all of the greatness that is you.

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Animation Highlight: Within Without

Animation Highlight: Within Without

Animation Highlight: Only Slightly Exaggerated

Animation Highlight: Only Slightly Exaggerated