Animation Highlight: One Small Step

Animation Highlight: One Small Step

In April of this year TAIKO studios debuted the trailer for their short film “One Small Step”. Although I was not aware of the trailer there was no missing the many retweets and reposts of the film itself a few days ago on Sept 20th.


TAIKO is an award winning animation studio that believes in the power of story.

TAIKO Studios was founded in 2017 by CEO Shaofu Zhang in both Los Angeles and Wuhan, China. As a truly international company, the studio endeavors to bridge eastern and western cultures together to create memorable stories with universal appeal.

I felt that this film was worth sharing because I’m a sap for father / daughter narratives and I LOVE the toon shaders and the light treatment. Please watch the film before reading any further because *SPOILER ALERT*

Luna is a young girl with an obsessive passion for space. She is so consumed by her multiple defeats in trying to get into a space program that she distances herself from her dad only for him to pass away. Through his death she regains the drive to try again and succeeds in graduating and getting into the space program.

This short film  hit entirely too close to home. This month makes 10 years since the unexpected passing of my father. Much like Luna, I was consumed with my own passion, animation. My father did not get to see me graduate from SVA with my degree in computer animation or get to see my first feature film credit in Blue Sky Studio’s 2016 Ice Age: Collision Course.

I really resonated with this film much more than I anticipated. The story telling was perfect. Saying more by saying less is my favorite. I feel like this film was just the encouragement I needed in this moment where I, like Luna, am falling short a bit more often than I would like. I know the next job for me is on the horizon and I will not give up until I’m in another studio being a part of the production team of the next animated project.

I deeply thank TAIKO studios for creating such a beautiful and heartfelt film.

Directed by Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas
Produced by Shaofu Zhang

CG Supervisor
Joy Johnson

Head of Pipeline
Andrew Jennings

Steve Horner

Visit TAIKO Studios to learn more about the film and the studio.

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