Animation Highlight: Substance

Animation Highlight: Substance

Substance Synopsis

Based on True Events; Two brothers battle over the future of the family, but it will be a young girl who changes her fathers SUBSTANCE and the fate of generations.

I’ve been following Jamaal Bradley on Twitter for YEARS!! I’m pretty sure I learned about him while working on Everett Downing’s Book of Mojo. In the beginning of the year (give or take) I started seeing the teaser for Jamaal’s short film “SUBSTANCE” I then saw that it was only playing in film festivals. The ONE time it was playing in NYC, I had a previous engagement very far away from where the film was being screened. When Jamaal tweeted  out that the film was going to be making it internet debut this week I was ecstatic.

Overall without any spoilers, this film is exactly what all of us in the industry mean when we say that animation is a medium and not a genre. From a technical aspect I really enjoyed the subtle animation and the rendering of the city and the basement.

I had to share this because not only do I support Jamaal and the people that contributed to this film. We have to highlight the people that are creating the very things we say we need more of such as, more diverse and / or Black characters, adult themes that are not equated to hyper-sexuality, films that are not musicals.  

Check out the entire film below.

You can visit the film website to learn more about the project

Here’s a link to an interview Jamaal did with Cartoon Brew about the film that is well worth the read

Film Credits

Written & Directed by

•Jamaal Bradley

Co-Writer and Lead Story Artist 

•Michael Yates

Executive Producers 

•Ken Birdwell & Bruce W. Smith


•Jamaal Bradley

Associate Producers

•Amid Amidi & Nicole Weinstein

Musical Composition

•Stephen "Bud'da" Anderson

Vocal Composition

•Adolphus "Scottie" Scott III

•Avery Sunshine

•Dana "Big Dane" Johnson

Surfacing Supervisor

•Nikie Monteleone

CFX Supervisor 

•Eric Warren

Modeling Supervisor 

•Mridul Sen

Rigging Lead

•Dilip Lawani

Lighting Supervisor

•John Huikku

Lighting Production


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