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Day 70 / 295


I was inspired by all of Gabrielle Douglas' success this summer at the 2012 Olympics and decided to create this as a personal portfolio piece. No copyright infringement intended, this isn't for sale and it is not printed for distribution it is just an appreciation piece. Gabby is an inspiration to me to continue moving forward in my dreams of becoming a professional animator, and create the type of 3D animations that I feel are missing.

The news was not trying to shed any light on Gabby, but when she came out and executed her routine they had no choice but to and I feel that is how we (and I myself) should go about the things we are most passionate for. I admire the way athletes train for hours on end and I'm doing that as an animator.

This playbill will be my own personal reminder of how Gabby Douglas showed up, performed and achieved her dreams. Granted the road was not easy for her and it is not easy for me, but I will continue showing up everyday in every way to achieve my goals.

Her performance this year has inspired many young girls and young women in all respects.

Thank you Gabby!!

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