Day 71 / 294

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you"

Here is day 71 that I started working on (again) last night. I added all of the squares to the background.


I know it seems as if I have practically abandoned my challenge and my site all together. Truthfully they just haven't been a priority.  I have been listening to a lot of Eric Thomas' speeches, reading Damn Good Advice and 20 Something 20 Everything and came to the decision to move on from my internship.

I appreciate the opportunity in seeing how a production company operates here in New York City and gaining an understanding of deadlines and workflows but I felt that I still  had some significant learning and growing to do before I gave myself completely to a company.

I do not know exactly what is next. I have a plan and I'm motivated to put it into action. From reading the books I'm trying to find my drive. I know what my overall goal is but my drive needs some revamping.

I will be attending the CTN Animation Expo in November. For now I'm just focused on being employed and preparing my portfolio for their Raising the Bar Recruiting.


Good news

Day 70 / 295

Day 70 / 295