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Visionaries Presents! | Monique Henry-Hudson

“Mo’ Magic!!!!!!!” ahaha. This young lady is the first of my long list of international features, so take note, this is one momentous! She is a legitimate influencer to our Millennial Generation, and what makes me smile about her is that I think she’s completely oblivious to this fact. I met her a while back in Pennsylvania, where I realised there was something extraordinary about her, and although it feels like we’ve known each other for ages, every time we talk I learn something new about her.

As usual, I’m excited about this post. If you’re into Computer Art or 3D animation, you’re going to really enjoy this, and if you’re just like me and your art skills aren’t that good, but you enjoy hearing about all things creative, then you’ll enjoy this one too!  I meet up with her this month to make history in New York City, and then after that, I share her creation story with the entire world! =D

I'm going to be a featured artist in the Visionaries Series at Innovate To Fly .

I will keep you all posted.

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